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Natural English

At Kids&Us, children grow up alongside our characters and our stories. The Kids&Us English courses consist of an imaginative and open-minded approach to looking at and making sense of the world, enabling children to gain linguistic competency and achieve the different levels set out in the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Discover our courses:

Babies. From the first year of life.

One and two year-olds

Hand in hand with two sweet little mice, the students delve into the world of English. It all starts in an emotionally stimulating environment where interaction is encouraged from day one. In this setting, the children learn to distinguish and decipher the sounds of English. At this stage they speak their first words in English and in their mother tongue almost at the same time.

Kids. Learning to the rhythm of nature.

From the age of three

The Kids&Us characters grow up at the same pace as our students because they are inspired by real girls and boys belonging to the age groups corresponding to our students’. Together with the protagonists of each course, students continue to learn English motivated by situations which are very close to their interests.

Tweens. Inquisitive minds grow everywhere.

From the age of nine

Thanks to the strong oral foundation achieved in the Kids stage, Tweens students can make further progress in the internalisation of a large number of structures and idiomatic expressions. They become adept at reading and begin to write their first texts with the help of situations and characters that are meaningful for preadolescents.

Teens. Inspire the world you see.

From the age of thirteen

Adolescence is a time of opening up to the world, when the mind absorbs new realities and requires broader language skills to be able to explain them. Teens courses exploit the new facets of the adolescent brain to take a big step in language learning and become capable of communicating in many more situations and contexts.

Kids&Us is a unique learning methodology that mirrors the way in which children learn their mother tongue.
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