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Celebrate World Book Day with Kids&Us!

Publicado 21/04/2022

What could be more important to Kids&Us than World Book Day? Reading in English helps immensely to learn a language, which is why we at Kids&Us love this very special day.  Among many other things, it helps enrich vocabulary, improve grammar, and perfect spelling in a fun and enjoyable way.


Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can read today

Thanks to Kids&Us’ editorial line, children of all ages can continue to be in touch with English outside the classroom and immerse themselves in a colourful imaginary world. 

All of the books in our editorial line have been developed by our pedagogical team with one goal in mind: enable children to develop good language skills in English, as well as providing the families with some tools which allow them to share the adventure of learning with their children.

Click here to discover our collection of books! 


Happy World Book Day!

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